The Jon & Jim Show Hits the Road in 2023

Jon Iacono and Jim Ragan at Advisors Mortgage Group headquarters in Ocean Township, New Jersey, during one of their recent Jon & Jim Shows.

OCEAN TOWNSHIP, N.J., Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via InvestorWire — Advisors Mortgage Group (“Advisors” or the “Company”), based in Ocean Township, New Jersey, announces that the Company’s Jon & Jim Show, a weekly show that provides information on the mortgage and real estate markets, will hit the road in 2023 for some live appearance shows. Their first show on the road will take place at the Bristol, Pennsylvania, Advisors Mortgage branch on Jan. 17.

The Jon & Jim Show began in 2019 when Jon Iacono, business development manager/market analyst, and Jim Ragan, renovation department manager, were having weekly and sometimes daily in-depth discussions about the mortgage and real estate markets. Each week, the Jon & Jim Show offers its audience an extensive analysis of the current market, which includes: home sales data, mortgage-backed security charting, and analysis, mortgage rate forecasting, updates on the Federal Reserve, sales motivation, and much more.

Iacono began in the mortgage industry in 2003 working as a mortgage broker. As his career evolved, he began working at Mortgage Market Guide with Barry Habib and then MBS Highway, founded by Habib, which is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps mortgage professionals interpret and communicate the mortgage rate and real estate markets. At MBS Highway, Iacono honed his knowledge of the mortgage market and gained valuable experience under the guidance of Habib.

Iacono comments, “My goal with the Jon & Jim Show is to help our listeners understand the mortgage and housing markets without all of the smoke and mirrors created by various other sources. We tell it how it is and take a deep dive into the data and reports every week. Jim and I want to help loan officers become trusted advisors who build trust through articulating knowledge and by connecting the dots of many market-moving reports and bond market volatility.”

Ragan started working in the mortgage industry in 1971, and for 32 years he has designed and managed sales and operations for FHA 203 (k) and Fannie Mae HomeStyle products.

The pair decided they should share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the Advisors Mortgage family, who, in turn, can take the data and share the talking points with their clients and referral partners.

“I learned a long time ago that to have productive sales conversations you need to communicate with simple, clear, and concise information that your listeners can understand and use. On the Jon & Jim Show, we get behind the headlines, break down the data and focus on information that can help our homebuyers and referral partners make good decisions,” states Ragan.

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