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The decision to buy a home can be one of the most stressful, yet satisfying parts of being an adult. Make your life easier by talking to Advisors Mortgage Group.

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There is a lot more to buying a home than picking out the perfect Colonial or Tudor. From finding a home within your budget, to evaluating school districts, to packing (and unpacking), to finding a mortgage that suits your needs, the entire process can seem overwhelming.

Let Advisors Mortgage Group take the worry out of the loan process for you. We offer every type of conventional loan on the market — all at competitive rates. 

Advisors’ loan officers are fully-versed in all national loan programs and incentives and can guide you towards the best option for you. In addition, as local mortgage experts, we understand and can accommodate the unique intricacies of your community and its housing market.

Whether you have questions about a down payment, length or type of loan, or just need help understanding your next steps, Advisors Mortgage Group is here for you.

Buy a Home with Advisors Mortgage Group

Every day, Advisors Mortgage reps come to work excited and passionate about helping someone buy their dream home. Whether it’s a starter home, second home or forever home, we are poised and ready to walk you through the process.

Helping customers buy homes is our business. . .but it’s also personal. We know that our customers are making decisions that will change their lives — and we are lucky enough to be a part of the journey.

Every branch of Advisors Mortgage Group focuses on helping people buy homes in their surrounding community. When working with us, you will never be waiting for a response from an anonymous rep across the country. We have no call centers or automated bots. Just people ready to help.

We focus on personal, one-on-one relationships with members of our community, providing the service and home-buying advice that makes them feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

In return, our customers benefit from in-depth local knowledge and expertise. We’ll always answer your call. We’ll remember your name. You’ll make your close date.

The first step in buying a home is always talking to a mortgage broker, like Advisors Mortgage Group, to get pre-qualified and pre-approved. The key to this step is determining how much you can actually afford, not just what you qualify for based on your paycheck.

Including mitigating factors, like whether you are self-employed, divorced, owe marital or child support, or own other homes or assets can play a big role in determining the right budget for your new home.

Advisors Mortgage can help guide you through this step, making sure you buy a home that fits all your needs.

The pre-approval stage is conditional. Once you and your realtor decide to make an offer on a home, contact Advisors to continue the process. Here is where you will need to complete detailed paperwork outlining all of your assets, credits, debts, etc.

This is also when important items like homeowner’s insurance, appraisals, and inspections are completed. Your loan officer will help walk you through the process to ensure everything moves smoothly.

It’s normal to have many questions along the way, which is one of the reasons our customers rely on us. If you have any concerns during this period, call Advisors Mortgage right away. We always answer the phone and can provide the assistance you need, without waiting hours or days for a response from an email or an app.

The closing date is your last opportunity to ask questions and confirm details about your new home. Your closing is the most anticipated moment in the entire process — the culmination of weeks of work, preparation, anxiety and excitement. Everything, from the contract to the financing must be fully completed in order for the closing to happen.

That’s why Advisors’ number one rule is to never miss a close. In fact, all loan officers in our company strive to have paperwork, wires and loan packages fully completed by no later than the day prior to close, ensuring that your big day goes off without a hitch

With Advisors Mortgage Group, you are never just a number. Personal communication. Local expertise. Confident decisions. We’re here for you.

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Annual income is the biggest factor in determining any home buyers pre-approval limit, however it is not the only factor. Many other issues come into play, including outstanding debts or significant assets. Talk to your loan officer for your specific situation.

Advisors Mortgage has many products available to first time home buyers to help them achieve their dream of home ownership. Whether it is through county or state grants, or other available products, Advisors Mortgage’s loan officers are ready to help you find that perfect home and the loan to match!

Advisors Mortgage Group always offers competitive rates. Our rates change regularly, so contact your local branch to understand the complete loan package available, including home buyer rates, services and flexible options.

Not all loans require a down payment of 20%. Some Federal loans require little or no down payment, while other require a minimum amount. They vary based on type of loan and credit score. Down payments of less than 20% typically require the purchase of mortgage insurance.

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Advisors is a multi-state mortgage banker that believes in delivering a seamless, stress-free mortgage experience to all of our customers.

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