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At Advisors, we consider ourselves one big family and family always has your back. We offer our loan officers all the support and market industry updates they need so they can build their business.

Jon Iacono, National Recruiting Manager, is your liaison to everything Advisors. Call Jon and he will get you what you need. From help to tech support, marketing needs, to CRM maintenance, Jon will be there to support you.

Mobile App

With the Advisors app, you will be able to issue pre-quals anytime from anywhere and check the status of your loans. Your customers can upload documents and make payments.


Our underwriters know how to make things happen. They will make every transaction quick and painless.


At Advisors we believe in keeping the lines of communication open resulting in a smooth process for everyone.


Clear to Close. That is music to every loan officer, customer and real estate agent’s ears. This is your last touch point in the process and your time to shine. With the best closing department around, you will be a star.

Mike Keating

I have been with Advisors Mortgage almost ten years now and all I can say this is my forever home. I have been in the industry for over 20 years and working with Advisors is like working with your family. They care about you here. You are not just a name on a piece of paper. From product lineup, to underwriting turn times all the way to closing, the entire process is a well-oiled machine. Another huge value add is that they listen...they listen to ideas you may have and ways you feel you personally might need help to be the best you can be. My only regret is not joining the Advisors Family sooner. I am very excited for what the future holds and all of the enormous technology enhancements they have coming out.
Denise Harrington

Denise Harrington, Loan Officer, Gainesville, FL

I wanted to share some love. It's not every day that you wake up and want to go to work BUT I can tell you that I never regret a moment being here at Advisors. The best decision I ever made!!! This is just a little bit of why. Yesterday I got a call from Scott and we had an issue with DTI. He kindly went over the loan with me and together we found a solution and we are closing… It’s not very often that we have issues but when we do, we all work together to find the answer. I’m so grateful for the support of the entire team. We have the best people in the country building a brand that is making dreams come true. Just thought I would share and let you know that there is NO better place to call home than Advisors!!!

Employee testimonials from NJBiz survey (anonymous)

"Advisors Mortgage Group is dynamic, always looking for ways to grow, change for the better, and to improve its technology and product offerings to consumers. I've seen so much growth and progress since I began work here more than a decade ago. I am proud to be a part of this company, and I have personally made many loan referrals that have resulted in happy customers."

"Everyone treats each other like a family, and it's starts with the owner. He sets the example."

"Advisors Mortgage treats you like family and like you matter. A lot of other companies say they are family oriented and once you are there it's a different story. This is not the case at Advisors Mortgage. I couldn't be prouder or happier to work here. It's changed my life. Steve Meyer (the owner) is the nicest guy I have ever met or worked for. It's a privilege to even know him and especially to call him a friend."

"Great teamwork - if you should have any issues or questions - people are willing to help in any way possible"

"I have worked in this industry for 30 years. By far this is the best organization I have ever had the good fortune to work for. Management delivered/delivers on every promise, along with being readily available with any guideline questions. I can offer my clients the best rates, with all loan programs available. Advisors Mortgage, although already the best, is continually striving to be even better; constantly looking for additional loan programs for us to offer all clients. Overall, underwriting, processing. OPS, etc.........they are the BEST!"

"My company makes me feel like family. They really care about us. WE never go without."

"The Advisors community is like family. Communication is open and transparent. People are friendly, understanding and always willing to help each other. Activities are planned outside of the office and everyone is included and invited to participate. My managers are very fair and knowledgeable."

"We do have an open-door policy that allows for everyone's voice and opinion to be heard. This allows for the leadership to make the necessary changes to make all succeed and work to their full potential."

"Very inclusive. They hold annual events to celebrate the employees. Upper Mgmt is very approachable and responsive and they hold weekly meetings to keep us updated."

"This company truly will treat you like family. If you need something, they are there to listen. They have made this career path the best it can be."

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New Jersey's 50 Fastest Growing Companies
Inc 5000
Mortgage Executive 50 Best Companies to Work For
HECM world top 15
NJBiz Best Places to Work NJ - 8 Years in a Row!

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Our Renovation Lending department has a team of experienced professionals that can help your clients find an affordable homeownership opportunity.

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Our partnership with MBS Highway gives our loan officers a leg up over the competition. With our subscription, we gain up-to-the-minute market stats and information to have the most educated and informed conversations with our clients.

Jon and Jim Show

Every Tuesday Jon Iacono, National Recruiting Manager and Jim Ragan, Renovation Department Manager take the information from MBS Highway and break it down, analyze it and present it to the whole company in the Jon and Jim Show.

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Jon Iacono

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