Seamless Home Transactions with Knock Home Swap Bridge Loans

The timing and financial logistics involved in buying a new home while selling your existing one can be overwhelming. Advisors Mortgage simplifies this process with the Knock Home Swap program — a bridge loan solution crafted to ensure your transition is smooth and free from stress. This innovative program allows you to leverage up to $650,000 of your current home’s equity to secure your next home before you sell your old one.


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How Knock Home Swap Works: Buy, Sell, In that Order

  1. Get Your New Home Loan
    • Get Pre-Qualified: Start by finding out if your current home is eligible for the Home Swap program.
    • Begin Your Pre-Approval: Secure a pre-approval for your new mortgage with Advisors Mortgage, giving you the freedom to shop for your new home with confidence.
    • Get Your New Mortgage: Once pre-approved, you can move forward in the market to secure your next dream home.
  2. Buy Your New Home First
    • Find Your Dream Home: Work with our dedicated agents who understand the urgency and flexibility required in a bridge loan scenario.
    • Start Planning Your Move: You only move once your new home purchase is closed, allowing for a seamless transition without the rush.
    • Enjoy Life in Your New Place: Advisors Mortgage covers the mortgage payments on your new home for up to six months, giving you ample time to sell your old house without financial pressure.
  3. Sell Your Old House
    • Prep the Old House for Sale: Utilize up to $35,000 provided by Knock to make necessary improvements and repairs, ensuring your home sells for top dollar.
    • List with Ease: Our agents handle the listings, showings, and negotiations, ensuring a stress-free sale process.
    • Sell for Top Dollar: Once your old home is sold, the Home Swap is complete, and the bridge loan is settled.

Benefits of Using Knock Home Swap Bridge Loans

  • Financial Flexibility: Use your home's equity before it's sold to facilitate the purchase of your new home.
  • Ease of Transition: Move into your new home before selling your old one, avoiding the need for temporary housing.
  • Enhanced Buying Power: Enter the market as a more attractive buyer with the ability to make non-contingent offers.
  • Cost Coverage: Enjoy up to six months of covered mortgage payments on your new home, reducing your financial burden.
  • Home Improvement Advances: Get upfront funds to increase your old home's market value before selling.

Who Can Benefit?

The Knock Home Swap program is ideal for homeowners looking to transition into a new home without the usual hassle and timing issues associated with selling an existing property first. Whether upgrading, downsizing, or relocating for opportunities, Knock Home Swap provides the tools and resources needed for a smooth transition.

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