Interest Rates Hit Historic Low

With stocks declining and bonds improving, we are seeing mortgage interest rates drastically drop.  Interest rates have hit a new historic low!  Another index to follow to help monitor the direction of interest rates is the US 10-year note yield, which has also reached a new historic low.  Lower interest rates mean lower monthly payments, so this is a great time to see what you may qualify for whether you are considering purchasing or refinancing a home.

In addition to the good news on interest rates, the updated appreciation report from CoreLogic was just released.  This Home Price Index report showed that from January 2018 to January 2019, homes across the nation had an average appreciation of 4%.  CoreLogic’s future outlook shows that homes will continue to appreciate by a whopping 5.4%!

Whether you are in the market to purchase or refinance, both can be very favorable. With historically low interest rates and homes continuing to heavily appreciate, this a great time to speak with a professional and plan your future. 


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