AVA is the Advisors Virtual Assistant… Not just one person, but a whole team dedicated to supporting our loan officers. We offer an array of services with the goal to help our LO’s grow their business.

  • Marketing outreach consultations
  • Email campaigns
  • Birthday and Home Anniversary Emails
  • Loan milestone emails
  • CRM support and data maintenance
  • Holiday campaigns
  • Custom landing pages
  • Alerts (Equity, Listing, Mortgage)
  • Social Media Set-up and Marketing
  • Post Closing Follow up

“I’d say our first one was a success….triggered a million-dollar contract!” Greg P., Branch Manager

“Clients are Loving these Happy Birthday Emails…thanks so much!” Amy M., Branch Manager

“Yesterday I sent in my past client database for the “I’ve moved” email campaign. Following that email blast, an immediate lead was generated for a reno refinance. Thank you for the help and for making this happen!” Michael M., Loan Officer

“Got another refi from our email blast” Nikol K, Loan Officer

The AVA team is working hard every day to ensure our loan officers are supported and have all the tools they need to close more loans. Reach out to us with questions at AVA@AdvisorsMortgage.com

Social Marketing for Loan Officers and their REALTOR® partners.

William P. McLennan is your AVA contact for all your social marketing needs, below are some marketing examples of how we can help you close more loans and enhance or create, realtor referral business.

Download this presentation at MarketingWithAdvisors.com or Contact William P. McLennan Today!

William P. McLennan

Marketing & Business Development

When it comes to generating organic leads from your “Friends”, “Family” and “Fans”, Advisors’ social marketing can help you close more homes!

With more than 30 years in the home mortgage industry, I have always been successful with an approach to earn the business from my referral base. Marketing has always been a component of what I can offer to help real estate agents and builders, sell more homes.

By providing Social marketing to our Loan Officers and their REALTOR® partners, we can help implement social platforms that integrate both the Loan Officers’ and the REALTORS’® online resources, including a secure online application process! Contact me to learn more about Advisors Mortgage Group and how we are helping REALTORS®, every day, sell and list more homes! If you have any questions, contact me at 267-280-3388.

Useful Resources and Testimonials, available at:

Kelly Ragan

Marketing Director

Kelly is here to assist loan officers with new campaigns and outreach plans to reach their existing customers and leads. Starting with your welcome package, continuing with Pre-Qual and Lead campaigns and marketing touch points throughout your customer’s journey, Kelly can assist in making sure your marketing is on point so you can close more loans.

Ryan Brogden

AVA Architect

Ryan works with our loan officers to get their email campaigns out to leads, referral partners and past clients. Ryan can help you get your database of leads organized and schedule email campaigns to them on a regular basis so you can focus on managing your loans and getting new business. Ryan is also here to help with any questions/issues that may arise as your customers start their loan application process.

Dorel Nasso

Salesforce Administrator

Ensuring that our loan milestone emails are consistently launched in a timely manner, training loan officers to use it as a CRM, customizing and automating Salesforce so our team works more efficiently, are just a few of the responsibilities that Dorel takes on each day.

Joe Monsko

Salesforce Project Manager

Working alongside Dorel, Joe sends out automated email campaigns, customizes Salesforce to streamline our internal workflow, and meets with loan officers on a regular basis to ensure they get the most out of our CRM.

Wayne Steagall

Technology Director

Using his vast experience in the mortgage industry, Wayne has been steadily working on our own point of sale software as well as our mobile app. With these new proprietary software launches, Advisors is taking its customer service to the next level.

Jason Steagall

Web Designer / Developer

Jason can customize your website to include videos, calendar appointment scheduling, custom forms and blogs. Jason brings his creative mind to the programming side which is a rare combination. With Jason on your team, your website will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Kevin Benkoil

Social Media Marketer

Kevin's role is to create engaging content for our social media platforms to gain more followers who turn into potential customers. Kevin is here to ensure our Advisors mantra of Family. Customers. Community is highlighted through social media by celebrating our culture and engaging our customers.

A Family

Advisors is a multi-state mortgage banker that believes in delivering a seamless, stress-free mortgage experience to all of our customers.

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